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Guide to Writing Reviews

To do:

  • Start your review with a few words about yourself and your earlier experience of similar services. How long have you been using this kind of services? Readers are often looking for reviewers with similar experiences/needs.
  • Give a clear and accurate description of the review subject and its intended audience. Keep it short.
  • Use the criteria above to describe your experience with the review subject.
  • Always share both sides of your experience. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the service? You can use comparisons and similarities.
  • Sum up your experiences and thoughts. Did the review subject meet your expectations (Customer Satisfaction) as a customer/user/reader?

Not to do:

  • Use of offensive or obscene language words in uppercase letters criticizes other reviewers or reviews.
  • You are permitted to review each listing once a year. All confirmed and accepted reviews are kept for 3 years. Reviews lacking in valuable content, inappropriate or offensive reviews and spam will be removed! Good Luck with your review!

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